Hi Readers..Nice to connect with you all on this post. You must be thinking what does this title means 🤔 Let me ask you two questions. Do you have anything which you want to achieve? Putting your efforts towards it but finding difficult to pursue?

I used to feel very distracted and lost when I quit my job, as to what next?? This thought used to eat my days. I started doing one thing then another.. But I was not happy with it because working over it was neither pleasing me, nor suiting me. After trying few things I came to understand that blogging is what I love to do. I am positive about blogging.

I think one should work upon things which are of your interest. Guys..Don’t hesitate to work on things, some idea will surely work. It might be some Owned Business, Art form , Government Job or anything which you love.

Positive vibes

Things which you feel excited to work on, will never leave you disappointed. Because you strive hard to make it success. Always have patience and confidence over your work. Feel positive on receiving small small appreciations and get motivated to work more and more efficiently.

You will feel motivated and energetic on reading this book by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist https://www.amazon.in/dp/8172234988/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uYvtEbZQSDS27

I read above book and now it’s into my collection. My take away from book is “Your wish to achieve goal may look impossible. Think and speak to yourself about your goal everyday. The universe will come together to make you succeed.

Stay motivated. Never give up. I will be glad if my post has given you Positivity. Share your experiences and views. 😊

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