Panchatantra, Akbar Birbal, Mythological stories are pillars to nurture a child. Those stories teach us lessons of life. I enjoyed reading those books. Yesterday one story formed in my head and here is my attempt to narrate it for kids. 🧒👩👼

Once there was a King and Queen. They had big empire to rule upon. They had only one son. 👼

Prince 🤴 grew up looking up to his father as the King. King was a kind person. He was always the strong guardian of people. So was the Prince. Prince used to like horses. Everyday he used to go on horse safari 🐎. Often he used to give them bath and feed them. Out of all the horses Pepper 🐴 was his favorite.

One day Prince was supposed to go out with King for some work. So Prince asked Lucky (who was servant) to give bath to all horses. All horses had bath except Pepper. Lucky tried to approach Pepper but all efforts in vain..He kicked Lucky. It continued for quite a while. Lucky got tired of attempting and decided to tell Prince about this.

On Prince’s arrival, he was informed about Pepper’s deeds. Next day, Prince went closer to Pepper and huged him. Pepper was very happy..he showed his happiness by moving around Prince and kissed him. Also he took bath from Prince.😊

Moral of the story – If some animals have an affection for People whom they trust and love then why can’t we..

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