Hi Mommys. I started this column named ‘Mom’s Corner’, where I will write everything about mother and kid. Here I will represent you all as mother, will share ‘must have’ things, experiences and thoughts. I invite all moms to express themselves on ‘Mom’s Corner’ posts.

Pure Bond ❤️

As a mother, I understand how moms need to be always charged up for all the day and manage the home with no time for illness. In this hustle, we are always having thought of our daughter/son. How is my child doing? Did she/he eat properly? Did my child take enough sleep in a day? Is my child crying for me? Will my kid feel less attached to me if I work? For all such questions, I felt writing this to you all lovely moms. 😊

  • Share kitchen time with child:
Kitchen time

We often spend our morning and evening hours in kitchen. From breakfast to cutting vegetables, from making Sabji & Roties to packing tiffin, we are having long running tasks to do. I involve my kid in kitchen activities and teach him lessons of cooking. 🙂 We both enjoy that time and he actually learnt a lot about different fruits, vegetables and cooking related stuff. You will not feel that weekdays are only filled with office or household work.

  • Play with kid before bed time:

After whole day is being shared with colleagues, friends, bosses, teachers and care takers, both Mom and kid duo immensely love to meet and hug. That tiredness gets fade away on meeting.  Apart from this, I feel if we play with them before bedtime then nothing like that. Child finds a true friend in mummy when his/her favourite games and chats are our favorites too.

  • Weekend plans:

From past few months Corona virus is spreading all over the world. I request all of you to keep social distance. Please take care of yourself and family. I covered some outdoor activities below. Please avoid some of those for the duration your country is prohibiting to do so.

Exercise with kid (you can perform indoor)
  • Garden, garden and garden…nothing else make kiddos happier than playing in garden. It gives them lots of happiness and strength. It improves their motor skills and stamina.
  • It is very much true that,” When Home maker cooks for family, entire family remains healthy.” You can cook their favorite food on weekends.
  • Have you ever danced with baby on song? I did. It is very exciting for child. They feel connected with us and as they grow, they feel free and shed away the modest nature before us.
  • Play area in Malls:  Generally malls have paid Play Area. Children love to play there. Play area arranges many games, slides, jumping bag. And most importantly kid loves to be around children out there.

Doing such things we feel very much bonded and loved. 🙂 And both feel energetic for upcoming week. Please share your ideas and let everybody be knowledgeable. 🙂 Happy Motherhood!

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