It’s been 7 days we are following Lockdown, in hope that situation will improve. Sitting at home, watching News, talking to friends and family, doing all household chores , I realized many things. Share your thoughts too in comments.

1. Maintain Hygiene – I am doing Hand wash, cleaning rooms, sanitizing mobile, sanitizing everything we use in home. No doubt all are doing the same. Why can’t we do all these things in daily routine anyways also? This will give us safe and healthier life.

Sanitization in everyday life

2. Be a Helping Hand – Did you realize that when Your Maid is not coming, how she must be working entire day, doing household chores at so many places and managing her home. How she must be tirelessly sweeping, doing Pocha, cooking at few places and at end of the month receiving monthly payment( I can’t say salary) with Smile on her face..satisfied and happy. We can be helping hand at home and feel happy. Right? 😊

Contributing to family keep troubles away 😀😁

3. Savings for well being – Saving money, using adequate grocery, eating at home than outside food is necessary now a days. Economical up downs are bound to happen. So all above things are going to help in near future. Indirectly it will help in building self control. 😊

Small small savings

Happiness is a realization that less is fine too.

4. Feel love of family – When I saw people are migrating, not having food, eagerly waiting to reach out to their families.. I felt sad for them. We are fortunate that we are having shelter on our head and family to take care of ourselves.

It’s my family 👪 ♥️

Wife..reminds about hygiene. 

Husband..makes mood lighter. Indoor Games and keep everyone busy.

Elderly strong bonds with everyone.

What else we want than such lovely world.

5. Be socially responsible- Humanity, Patriotism , Life – these words really mean a lot to me. I hope those mean to you too. Let’s adhere to Lockdown so that . You can contribute to Nation by staying home to show patriotism and lives will be saved.

My realization list is increasing. What’s in your list??

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