Weekend Todo list is mostly filled with Household activities and Outings. Time flies away in thinking about doing favourite things and Sunday evening also disperses. I know it’s hard to get own time but once we throw away the baggages of responsibilities and laziness, weekends will be more fun.

  • Spend some Metime

After relentless work on Weekdays, we look forward to joyous weekend. I have to wake up early on weekends and I enjoy that.. How? With Tea held in hand, smelling its aroma, looking outside the window just to listen bird chirping and gazing Sun rise is what I like. Every home has that peaceful corner or area to enjoy such beautiful morning. ☕🏡

  • Short Bicycle ride
Cycling can be a great experience for you

I don’t have my own bicycle, I take it on rent by booking online. Riding bicycle for atleast 15 mins is good exercise, it speeds up the circulation of blood from legs to brain. One more thing I liked is, I can stop at any point quickly and purchase /visit places I wanted to see. As Rental cycles can be left at their Junctions, I can go ahead with schedule.

  • Taking out time for Hobby
Ideas can be reality when you start working on it

Hobby may be Painting, playing Badminton, Cooking etc. You start giving time for such things on weekend. Later on when you start continuing your hobby.. You will find your days are filled with happiness and fulfillment.

There are so many ideas to keep ourselves happy and satisfied on weekends. I will share more such cheerful ideas later. I started with few things. When are you starting?

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