Happy Women’s Day to all ladies. I also want to wish those Dads who are doing single parenting and became mother for their kids. Hats off to all such people.

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I am sure after reading this post, you will gear up for achieving goals and most importantly you will enjoy being woman. I met few women in my life whom I look up to and they are my role models.

One of such women in my life – my Mother. She is an independent and strong woman. I have seen her struggles on emotional, financial and mental front. But she used to make sure that I am not getting stressed out or nervous due to difficult times. What I always admired is , she finds strong support system within her own. She never gave up before acquaintances who pulled her legs or showed her down.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Lots of difficult moments came into her life but she fought gracefully and not only that she excelled in work she was doing. I can proudly tell all that my mother bought a flat without much financial support. She saved money. She did many things to earn money so that she will be able to pay principle, interest amount. And above all, these efforts were made to keep up the head straight , maintain self-esteem. I saw her working hard, juggling her work with raising me and my sibling. Now I am capable to take care of her. But her values keep her on toes to be independent.

On this day I would love to encourage all ladies who are continuously looking for chance to start working for their own. Please get rid of fear, comfort zone and experience real Woman in you.

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