You are my world!

You are kinda introvert, I talk a lot 😁I am deep thinker, you simplify any situation I express my love to you, you cuddle me in arms & melt my heart Now I worry about you every day                                                                                               I feel […]

Hide & Seek eggless Cake

Last time I wrote about how to cook Daal Bati . Today I have come up with cake recipe. It was my son’s birthday. We both were equally excited to bake the cake with available grocery items. When I was […]

Ways to keep well being.

Hello to my readers. 🙂 I intrigued by the situation around and number of lives at risks, so thought of sharing with you somethings for your well being. We all need to battle against this virus by taking our own […]

Mind game – To be or not to be??

“Should I take this opportunity or not?”, “What if I talk to her and she is not fine with it?”, “Am I in wish list of my friends? ” such so many thoughts keep on accumulating whole day. Though office […]

Inspirational dose to Bloggers – You can be an excellent Blogger!

Nobody likes the word ‘Struggle’. And when it has to do with life, job, business some people get into depths of despair. We are into field of writing blogs, which surely needs lot of work to be successful. As we […]

Craft and Learning idea for Toddlers

Toddlers grasp things quickly. They want to perceive many things in a day. And when they are bored of playing with toys and games, parents start searching for new ways of keeping toddlers busy. What if we make them learn […]