Toddlers grasp things quickly. They want to perceive many things in a day. And when they are bored of playing with toys and games, parents start searching for new ways of keeping toddlers busy.

What if we make them learn from the hand made game? Here is one hand crafted game. You need very less accessories.

Take One card sheet, scissor, marker. Cut the sheet into multiple cards. It will be handful for kiddos.

You draw his /her favourite fruit, animal or so per card. At the back of the card, put an Alphabate which is word’s first letter. P. S. Pardon my drawing skills. 😜

Initially you can only put 3 or 4 cards to make them visualize letters.

This activity will give them enjoyment and they will learn from it. They love to see us working on the craft as it connects to them. One thing I observed is, if image and letter are put back to back then, toddler’s attention on letter is more than on drawing.

Collaborative work make toddlers happy. Let’s make this period joyful.

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