Inspirational dose to Bloggers – You can be an excellent Blogger!

Nobody likes the word ‘Struggle’. And when it has to do with life, job, business some people get into depths of despair. We are into field of writing blogs, which surely needs lot of work to be successful. As we write more, we learn from the past experiences and views of readers. Today I will be talking about an inspirational writer who inspired me to run behind my passion – Rahul Kaushik.

I am reading a book written by him – ‘The Melting Words – Chapter 1’. This is his debut book. It has 300 poems, short stories and talks. Each has portrayed shade of emotions. 🙂 It connects to every individual in many of the poems. Heart talks are like conversations between people, letters which shake the heart. Book has touched many subjects, very well elaborated.

About :- He started writing on various topics 5 years back. In book , he briefed about himself. Friends used to hardly like his Poems or Heart Talks, 1 or 2 likes. Eventually he succeeded. He used Social media very well like posting on Instagram or so. Slowly his work got acknowledged. He has 2. 2 million followers by now.

Check out Rahul Kaushik’s site

Glimpses of his book :

His writing is not complicated. Words are lighter to understand. Each page has art by his sister, Garima Kaushik. Book is recommended. 📖😊

Sooo do you feel motivated to write more, read more and trust yourself more? We shouldn’t expect sudden outcome. Let’s keep the spirits high and give 100% in every write up. We will make it one day.

As I say… Let your thoughts glitter and shine on your face. ❤️☀️

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