Ummm.. What to do??

“Should I take this opportunity or not?”, “What if I talk to her and she is not fine with it?”, “Am I in wish list of my friends? ” such so many thoughts keep on accumulating whole day.

Though office work is over, thoughts still pour into mind. If those are regarding some person then don’t give stress on mind. Because we can’t control other person’s feelings, emotions and reactions. Move ahead with focus on your endeavors. If confusions are regarding decision making, then consulting friends, experts will surely help you. Discussing with people will make you feel confident while moving forward.

People feel obsessed due to relationships, fatness, body tones, economical weakness and bla bla..Such obsessions push us to tiredly days. Sometimes self obsession is good. It makes you love yourself more and more. 💕

Don’t be so obsessed

If you are in dilemma, then choosing any option is like shooting arrow with eyes closed. Make gut feeling about any option & go ahead to tackle with outcomes. Detaining our abilities is the root of confusions and obsessions. A way out is to feel confident while picking up things and feel vibrant.

Feel confident 👍

Let you thoughts glitter and shine on your face! 🌞❤️

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