There are n number of things, I as mother want to and have to do. My first thought when my kid sleeps is to do what I like and then think about remaining work which I have to do. Who are like minded mothers? 😁

Many of the us feel guilty in sparing time for ourselves. My suggestion would be, start finding time for yourself when Kids are engaged or sleeping. Please don’t be so much selfless. Doing so, will accumulate the anxiety, sadness and you might feel demotivated. I was sailing in same boat but gradually that feeling went off and I became more kind of giver to the family and to me. Let’s work on our wishes too, let’s work on what we used to do before Motherhood.

I start metime with things like..

  • Listening to favourite music
  • Watching TV shows, Web series
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Having Tea
  • Reading pending books in hope to finish those SOON
  • Reading blogs
  • Catching up with family over call
  • Surfing Instagram, Facebook pages, News

If I go on listing, it will be a collection 😜 How about putting each wish on calendar for each day 🗓? We put alarms, set reminders for other family members. Let’s do it for us as well.

Enjoy metime and Motherhood. 😊

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