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I intrigued by the situation around and number of lives at risks, so thought of sharing with you somethings for your well being. We all need to battle against this virus by taking our own care.Healthy body and Positive attitude keeps health problems away. Whole world is tackling with Corona virus pandemic. Health fitness is crucial at this time and forever.

In my earlier post on Cheerful Weekends, I wrote on how you can utilize time for fitness. Some easy and important Daily course of actions:

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  1. On waking up, at least 20 mins of Exercise is must. Make sure you are doing exercise with an empty stomach. First warm up your body with bending and stretching exercises. Bones get strengthen. Without warm up, heart will not get habitual to changed rhythm of heart beats while doing other asanas. People who do not have knee or orthopaedic problems can do 12 Suryanamaskaras. Start with 3 namaskaras and day by day increase by 2 namaskaras. Shavasan after every form of asanas is need of body and mind. If you have been taught of asanas then follow the trainer’s instructions.
  2. Doing Yoga after exercise, rejuvenates the body. It improves concentration level and memory, keeps anxiety away. It will keep you fresh entire day. 😊 Slowly you will observe good changes in your thoughts and body.
  3. I keep my meal nutritious. I may sound old to you but I avoid having Pizza, Burger and Pasta which contains high amount of Cheese. I can not digest so much cheese even with exercise. Those who do heavy workouts can easily digest such junk food. Intake of Fine flour items is very less. I won’t say you follow this regime completely. But few things from above will help you for sure.
  4. I never used to drink Turmeric milk. From childhood so called Healthy drink powders were my favorites. My mom drinks Golden milk everyday. She taught me from her good habits. Are you stuck at ‘Golden’ word? 😀 Its Turmeric milk , rich by the benefits. One day I made my mind and strove hard to follow theory of doing same activity for 21 days. Believe me.. all those healthy drink powders are out of my diet and ‘Turmeric Milk’ is making me feel healthy. Its recommended to drink warm/hot milk with Turmeric and Ghee. It prevents bacterial infections and keep constipation problems away. With some people Turmeric may increase body heat. Keep the frequency per week to 3 cup milk. Instead of drinking Machine Coffee/Tea , this option is worth having.
My cup of Golden milk with Ghee in it!

Please note.. Above things must be done upon self analysis of health fitness and doctor’s advice.

I would like to write more on exercises in detail. Follow 3 ‘H’ , Stay Healthy. Stay Happy and Stay Home!

Let your thoughts glitter and shine on your face! 🌞 ❤️

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