You are kinda introvert, I talk a lot 😁
I am deep thinker, you simplify any situation

I express my love to you, you cuddle me in arms & melt my heart

Now I worry about you every day                                                                                              

I feel the distance between us
Emptiness is on both the sides
Let’s talk every day to feel lively! ❤️

Take care of yourself
Eat nutritious food
Don’t go outside unless important
Sleep on time
Keep our home clean
Maintain Hygiene
Water our plants
Listen to the news everyday
Because I love You! ❤️

These days will go away
I will come to you one day
Shyness will fade away
And Souls will find their ways in togetherness! ❤️


Let your thoughts glitter and shine on face! 🙂

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