Daydreaming can lead you to become Protagonist of Life

Do you find your wishes, ambitions and passion are just unrealistic? Someone may be willing to become Sports Champion, other may want to be a great Chef, someone might want to stay in Dreamy Land. As the day starts , we wander upon so many thoughts which bother us, please us and some make us worry about. Those thoughts defocus the attention on what is our desire or wish.

Do you fit in Daydreamer definition?

People often tend to see dreams during sleep. That’s when they are unconscious and far away from reality. Mostly we see some haphazard things in night dreams which are due to day long activities and chats. Unlike that Daydreamers visualize and fantasize about things which they want to achieve. At that time Brain is not fully disconnected from reality but subcounsciously wandering in desirable thoughts. Daydreamers are more creative and intellectual.


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How you can bring change?

Imagination is wonderful power of brain. No One can stop your imagination from becoming what you want to achieve. Let your subconscious mind come into focus. Think of dreamy ways to achieve your wishes. Subconsciously your brain will identify the paths to move towards ambitions, you will channelize the thoughts accordingly.

According to Georgia Institute of Technology those who reported more frequent daydreaming scored higher on intellectual and creative ability and had more efficient brain systems measured in the MRI machine. Researchers say that creative thinking is another function of daydreaming associated with increased creativity.

Balance Daydreaming and Reality:

Daydreaming is best way to explore, to engage brain in pursuit of Happiness. At the same time, don’t lose the focus on real world challenges and people around you. Too much fantasizing is also dangerous for mental health. It’s termed as Maladaptive daydreaming.

Heart Talk

Ocean of Imagination

Daydreaming is imagination to soar into the air
Too much of anything is not fare
Rise out of your sadness
Because Dreams are here to bring Happiness.

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