Goa is the Paradise of South Asia.

Beaches and Goa is the great equation. Whoever visits Goa, falls into love with Goa and wishes to come back again. I have been there lot of times. I prefer to halt near different beach everytime. North Goa is like picnic spot and South Goa is to enjoy vacation without much activities than to sit at beach side. Goa never disappoints me in making vacation ecstatic.

The most loved thing about Goa is life at beach side. It’s peaceful and soothing. Experiencing the tranquility of seashore in early morning is like doing meditation. No matter how much you were tired previous day, you will wake up early to witness scenic Sunrise. You cannot miss evenings at Beaches. I think Shacks are meant to relax you.:-) Some shacks sound loud and some quite. No one troubles you or bothers you. I feel connected to myself.

Not all places across India, have cost effective resorts and villas. In terms of Resort tariffs, accommodations range from low to high prizes which suits all types of travellers. There are dormitories which cater basic facilities. Mostly solo travellers go for dormitory option. If you want to have leisurely time then magnificent resorts and villas will stun you. They are so lavish and well established that one would get accustomed to it. Many resorts offer Spa therapy, Swimming Pool, Library and private Beach by side.

Apart from Beaches they are so many places to visit- Beautiful Churches, Archaeological Museum, Forts, Sanctuaries, Water Sports and most liked place ‘local market’. I feel content after roaming in local market and do shopping shopping. Às Paulo Coelho says in his Book, that if you are not kind of Historian then its fine not visit Museums and other such places. Strolling in towns and markets will make you feel Goanese.

Yummy, Fantastic, Mouth-watering…These words describe the taste of Goan food. Rava fry Surmai, Grilled Garlic Butter Crab, Fish Fingers and so on. Each dish in Goan style is tasty. Sometimes we get bored of trip due to everyday food with limited options but I enjoy hovering through Menu card to see varieties of fishes, crabs, prawns and lobster. Its myth that Vegetarians cannot have good appetite here. Towards Bagha, Calangute, Palolem and many other beaches, one would get pure Vegetarian food.

With these efforts to exhibit Goa, I would love to come up with series of posts to narrate my thoughts and feelings for Goa. Next I will be sharing spots of Shopping markets you must visit and Goa stories.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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