There are various causes to setup Instagram account. You may be Food Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Celebrity, Businessman and so on. Each of those want to publicize the profile to showcase the work. Instagram is great platform to monetize your work.

  • How to increase followers to Instagram account?

Apart from putting photos on Instagram , it’s important to upload stories to showcase daily updates.   When audience visit the profile, it should clearly reflect the niche of your account. Add such stories which advertise your product or activity. There is an option on story to highlight it. If you really feel that this story will add value to your Bio, then highlight it.

  • What should come under Instagram Highlights?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Suppose one of the photos of your account has been featured on some account or you might be tagged , then it can be highlighted. Events, blog posts can be highlighted. If you have been praised by famous Instagrammer then it needs to be showcased. Highlights are like powerpoint presentation. On viewing one highlight, it shows all next highlights.
  • Tips to upload attractive Highlights
    1. If we keep uniqueness in displaying portfolio then people acknowledge the efforts and it implies to growth.
    2. Highlights must be eye catchy. Other than just regular templates for highlights, there are some very innovative templates which are free to use.
    3. Visit Easil site to get awesome themes/templates.

Whether it’s Blog announcement, Food Recipe , Travel Guide , they have templates which you can customize. You can format Text, add images, icons and many more. Plus it can be downloaded in .jpeg or .png format. They offer 29 days trial, they will move you to Basic plan. I have created one story with their template to introduce my Blogging site into Highlights. Have a look.

This is how you can make creative highlights and attract audience to become follower. 🙂

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