Khoya Roti

I am sharing one sweet cuisine today. It is called as Khava Poli in Maharashtra. It’s healthy and easy to cook food. This is perfect meal option for Kids. Some kids complain about drinking milk but they will surely love to eat this Mawa stuffed Roti. For anyone who does not like to drink milk, you will gain good amount of calcium from it.

250 gram of Mawa approximately serves medium size 11 Roties.


Name Quantity
Mawa 250 gram
Whole Wheat Flour 5 tablespoons
Gram Flour 2 teaspoons
Rice Flour
Salt As per taste
Oil 1 small bowl
Ghee As per taste
Sugar Powder


  1. First we are going to prepare Dough before making stuffing.


Take Whole Wheat Flour in Kneading Bowl. Knead the dough by adding Water and Oil until it gets the consistent texture. Add oil till dough get elasticity. To check if Dough is ready, make sure it’s thin than dough for roti and doesn’t stick to your hand.

  1. Let’s make stuffing now.
      • In pan, add two spoon Ghee and three spoon Gram Four. Bake the flour until it gets brownish.
      • Take out the gram flour and again pour two-three spoon Ghee in pan to bake Mawa. Stir Mawa on medium flame until it leaves the Ghee out of Mawa.
      • Now mix the Gram flour and Mawa and keep aside to cool the mixture.
      • On cooling mixture, add Sugar Powder and Cardamom to it. Mix it very well as not leave the lumps.

3. We need to add the stuffing inside dough. Let’s prepare medium size dough balls. Prepare small size balls of stuffing. Roll a dough ball a bit and add stuffing in it. Roll the roti with help of rice flour.

4. Griddle the Roti and apply Ghee on it. Your Mawa Roti is ready to serve.

I hope you liked the recipe. Try making it at home and share your comments on how it worked out.

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