Ritu was very curious to take the pregnancy test this time , test was negative as always . Rahul was despaired by seeing Ritu’s pale face. They were consulting Doctors since 7 years but every time they got disheartened.

They first met each other in college while performing in play which was supposed to be performed in inter college competition. For practicing the characters, Rahul and Ritu used to take out time other than group practice. Eventually they started visiting at each other’s house and their families acquainted. Rahul’s family was quite gentle with Ritu since she stepped in as his friend. Three years later, both passed out of college and started working in companies. They were already ringing into each other’s head. Soon both decided to marry.

After 7 years, both were hopeful to have their baby soon by IVF. Dr Sharma was assertive about success of this treatment. That day came when Ritu and Rahul visited Dr Sharma with upmost optimism about treatment result. Ever since they started this process, Rahul had faith on Doctor for his confident and cool attitude. Here reports were saying something different than expected. Dr Sharma was stumbling upon telling the report. Finally he gathered courage and explained that after three cycles it was not worked out. That day Ritu was sad whole day, cursing her destiny and feeling unfortunate. Rahul was sad too but he hid the discouragement to stand by his wife.  He stretched hands towards her and she laid down on his shoulder.

To change Ritu’s mood, he switched on the TV.  ‘Taare Zameen Par’ was getting telecasted and movie was about to finish in few minutes. The topic they were attached  to was somehow rolling in front of them.

Few minutes wait-

The concluding song of movie touched both.  It was all about kids of different ages hailing from various places and living in all sort of conditions.  One thing was common in those Children – Smile.  Children filmed on Streets and children filmed in Cemented Houses were looking innocent and bright. Rahul thought, “These children are blessed to have parents to take care of them but what about babies who are left behind in Orphanages, who are seeking shelter and love of parents?” One thought rattled his mind. Rahul uttered, “Ritu, can we adopt a child?” That week went off thinking about adoption.  After discussing their decision with families, there was welcoming tone in some people and some people were in denial mode. But couple was firm on their decision.

They approached the orphanages to register their name in list. There was long list of parents waiting to adopt baby. Ritu started thinking about arrival of child in home. How she will be a best Mother to a baby, what will she make to feel Child at home and all? Days went by, Avantika Orphanage called Rahul, “Mr.Rahul, can you visit us tomorrow? “

Both were eagerly waiting for upcoming dawn. Ritu switched off the alarm and woke up Rahul. Both rushed to Avantika Orphanage with positivity. Ms. Nair led them to office. After few minutes, they heard sweet voice from the back. They both turned and stunned with happiness to see a baby. Ms. Nair whispered, “She is 2 months old and came to our home few days ago. What are your thoughts?”  Ritu was more than happy. She could not believe that this new born can become part of her life. Rahul fall short of words to express willingness to adopt this little one.

Finally the day came in their life which at first appeared like oasis. Arrival of Nyasa beautified their lives with happiness. Grand parents were happy and overwhelmed to see their granddaughter.

Nyasa and her parents are meant to be family. It was their destiny. On her 1st Birthday, her parents invited all relatives and friends. Everybody blessed the baby.

2 months later, Nyasa mumbled, “Mamma..!!”. Ritu listened to that word and ran towards her to hug.

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