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It’s very easy to console somebody who is dealing with Breakup but hard for a person who is going through it.  Each event in our life teaches us some lesson. Breakup is not the end of Life. To cope up with the situation, always think positive. You will see Beautiful days in coming time. Perspective towards relationship will decide whether you want to come out of relation or want to patch up.

Parting away should be taken sportingly to understand yourself, to build your Career, to focus on other aspects of life. Consider this time to understand whether you miss that person? Does his/her absence brings emptiness in your life? Are his/her faults so smaller than Love for each other? Are you ready to handle issues at homes? If all are answered ‘Yes’, then your heart is already clung to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

What remains now is to analyse problems and solve those. Let’s hope following ways will help you to reunite.

1. Understand Yourself better-

Till yesterday you might be together with beloved one but today is for you. Try to use this time to understand what are you missing? What made you fall in love? Is that how your companion would be?  How you look forward towards your priorities? Are you ready to sacrifice somethings if it’s required for relationship? What are your strong and weak points in this regards?

You yourself will realize what went wrong and what can be corrected.

2. Chat with each other –

If you are charged up to continue the relationship positively, then you have already walked half way. Half way still remains which both of you will cover.  Why not to start dialogs on positive note?  Self-talks and Vivid imaginations will only support your mind. Heart will be at serenity when both start talking. It opens the door to express emotions and matters which are holding from being together.

3. Get Friends Help if required

Close friends know you more than anyone else. Speaking with them may sort the confusions or problems.


4. Gifts –

Gifting is the best gesture to win the heart. Expensive gifts are not really what you need to look into. Buying something which he/she loves will make your road easy. Even presenting flowers can please the person.  Especially girls like surprises. So boys, if you choose perfect gift then it’s nothing like that.  Many times boys talk less when it comes to matter of Love. So girls need to read between the lines.

5. Assurance

This word looks small but it has intense meaning. Promising each other that there will be no more quarrels and parting will make bond stronger. Assure each other that both will work as a team. Past experiences will keep you away from letting her/him go again.

Before it gets too late, act for yourself, think for beloved one and hold the past sweet moment again with Love of Life which is missing currently.

Some Love quotes by Great Novelist:

  • “Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.” – Rainer Maria Rilke
  • “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”― Sarah Dessen

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