5 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Baby Travel

In these new normal days, people are either travelling to hometown or going back to city for job or travelling on unavoidable trip. There are less restrictions throughout the world on tourism, so nomads are free to soar in sky and land in place they want.

My vacation plans are on hold. Missing the outings and scenic views. My first short trip with my son was when he was 5 months old. We went to nearby place in Pune at Panshet MTDC accommodations to spend two days of holiday. It was a pleasant change after staying home for 7 months. 🙂 As baby was totally on breastfeeding, I did not find difficulty in taking good care of his appetite and routine. In next trip he was 8 months and was eating homemade food. We used to go on sightseeing for 2-3 hrs max and remaining time was crucial for his sleep, food, feeding and bath and many things.

I and my husband made long checklist of items that were carried. I am addressing some items which are ‘must have’ in this post.

Here are FAQs for mothers when they travel for first time or want to be very sure of baby’s essentials on any travel.

  1. What is the safe age of Baby to travel?

In general, newborn’s immune system gets developed better in three months. Doctors recommend to travel between three months to six months.

If you are planning to travel by flight across countries then countries have policies for Baby travel. If baby is premature or having respiratory problem then you need to check legitimate age.

  1. How to follow baby’s routine on travel?

Don’t stress out to follow timings of baby. Following similar routine outside is still possible if you keep minimum time to roam around. You can manage baby’s food and sleep time there too.

Babies adapt to the changed routine when they are on travel. It helps them to immunize to the weather change. They observe people around, learn to stay out of home, what cloths Mamma puts in Winter/Summer/ Rainy season.

I would suggest to keep handy food along with you like fruits, Suji Halwa (Wheat Flour Pudding), Boiled Egg which can be cooked in hot water flask. Keep their favourite toys in baby bag. Avoid giving soft toys and give washable toys. Make sure you sanitize the toys.

  1. What if baby complains about health on travel?

Do weather analysis before going to different place. Take clothes according to climate condition of destination. Give distilled water. Carry doctor’s prescriptions and medicines.

  1. What are the things to be taken care of on flight?

Most of the time baby cries on flight due to ear pain. Wear him/her a cap that covers ears. Ask doctor about putting large cotton balls in ears is safe. Small size cotton balls may go inside ears. Be careful and ask doctor.

  1. What are essentials for long travel?

16 Must have items for long Travel

      1. Diapers and rash cream– Keep adequate quantity. It should be sufficient for travel and two days ahead. Later you can buy.
      2. Mask if your child fits in age limit drawn by officials
      3. Changeable sheets- Make sure you take washable sheets. Anything can happen over changing Diaper. 😀
      4. Medicines and Prescriptions
      5. Baby Bath Kit
      6. A Hot Water Flask
      7. Easy to cook Food
      8. Sterilised spoon, bowl in an insulated bag
      9. Fruits
      10. Bibs
      11. Clothing according to season
      12. Baby Carrier – I don’t recommend stroller at this time as baby sits away from you which I think is not good. Carrier keeps baby warm and safe near Mom or Dad.
      13. Disposable bags
      14. Mosquito repellent cream
      15. Toys – Washable toys and preferably avoid carrying soft toys as those catch the dust particles
      16. Blankets

In Mom’s checklist, don’t forget to put Sanitizer on top. Pack required things in advance. I hope these FAQs and checklist will help you Moms and Dads.

Happy Parenting!

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