Agile Days

Today while writing a blog, I wanted to keep aside some content on Notepad.

Next to Notepad another suggestion popped up on screen. It was Sticky Notes. Suddenly I remembered old days of company life. I used to keep my tasks and required data on sticky notes. It was so useful that time, easily I used to spot what tasks I need to finish , what data I will be needing, what issues are pending.

Almost all Digital companies are following Agile methodology. I think Blogging can be done by implementing same method. I am going to implement Agile methodology while blogging. As a outcome, it will help to publish quality posts regularly and to reach more people like you. πŸ™‚

How can we manage Blogging in Agile way?

So it’s time to use Task Planner. Start breaking up the work in tasks.

    1. Blog Topic Planning
    2. Content Strategy
    3. Content Writing
    4. Content Editing
    5. Reviewing & Publishing Post
    6. Promoting

That way it’s easy to streamline the work.

As a Freelance Blogger, I am the one to decide the deadline of all tasks and make it success. It is difficult to stick to promises to yourself but Self-motivation will drive me to achieve the targets. Everyone seeks feedback and appreciation for their work. Bloggers need to keep patience and positivity about work. Read motivational post for Bloggers here.

Happy Blogging!

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2 thoughts on “Agile Days..Then and Now

  1. I tried.this.menthod and failed. Could not sustain it. Now I have settled to one blog entry per week and optimization of content as and when I feel like. That is working for me. Best wishes for your agile blogging experiment.

    1. Good to read your experience. I was pretty inconsistent in posting so may be this will help atleast to post one post per week. Thank you for commenting. 😊

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