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Home Gardening #1 – My Experience

Around my home, there is a trail of trees and unmanned plots covered with grass. In all seasons, those trees are blossomed either with flowers or beans. In the second week of June, when rain drops drizzled upon dry and wilted grass, plots turned bright green.  Isn’t that serene view?

Periwinkle Plant

I love to cultivate plants and watch them growing. Taking good care of them is like nurturing a child. Do you know plants can feel and hear our voice? Yes, they understand our touch and voice. My grandma used to say that Tulsi flourishes in house only when there is Peace and Harmony in family. It might be because of science behind the Voice Therapy on plants.

We had 5 to 6 plants before rainy season and now bought 12 more plants. It covers Herbal, Flowery and Seasonal plants.

I was exhilarated to stroll through widely spread nursery. Even after selecting sufficient number of plants, I and my husband were rambling around till we covered entire nursery area.

Curry Leaves Plant

Herbal plants enrich our meals and skin. Curry leaves are loaded with Carbohydrates, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and fiber. It immunizes us to cope up with infections. Tulsi is used in making Black Tea or Kadha which is advisable during Corona Pandemic. Aloe Vera is best home remedy for hair and skin. Pluck 2-3 Aloe Vera leaves time to time and use its pulp for smooth skin and hair conditioning.

Have seen European Balcony Gardens? Those are beautifully decorated with vines and flowery plants. Bring Seasonal flower plants to make your windows look beautiful from inside and outside of home. My home is looking more beautiful now. I brought colourful pots from nursery. Each flower along with pot looks exquisite and vibrant in colour. Window and Balcony appearance has totally changed. Now our garden is also a good place for sparrows and small birds like sunbirds. They like the taste of nectar inside flowers.

Female Sunbird

We must have such place where we feel peaceful, where anxiety, pains and tiring thoughts can be healed. Gardening keeps me focused and calm. Seeing bright green leaves and colourful flowers is gratifying experience. It awakens mindfulness. Now my balcony is rejuvenated to an ideal place in home to relax.

Here are benefits of Home Gardening-

  • Meditates your mind
  • Helps in saving environment
  • Home Decor
  • Planting Herbal and Vegetable plants is for securing healthy lifestyle

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