Home Gardening #2:  How to save plants from dying?

After writing post – Agile Days..Then and Now in recent time, I was set to write consistently as the title suggests. But there came a good news from my sister, she is blessed with Baby Girl.  So my entire attention and attraction was my sister and niece. I am feeling very happy to get called as “Masi” (in Hindi).

Let’s head towards the new post. In Home Gardening #1 post, I shared my experience of how gardening is good to keep yourself fit.

It happened with me that some plants wilted due to more heat, excess water and many other reasons. To protect your plants from going dry, here are 5 tips of Do’s and don’ts.

  • Don’t use Artificial Additives

When plant stops flowering, we think of putting fertilizers. Please make sure you buy organic fertilizers and not the chemical ones. Chemical fertilisers may give you instant outcome in form of fruits and flowers but those chemicals are bad for natural chain of life. It affects pollination, contaminates groundwater. It’s also harmful for domestic animals.

Use of organic fertilizers like Earthworm fertilizer, Compost Fertilizer is nature friendly way.
               – Low light plants need less fertilizer than plants grown outdoor.

               – Use 1/4th portion of fertilizer in pot to avoid plant getting damaged

  • Understand Weather and Sunlight

Many Seasonal plants don’t need 8 hrs of sunlight.  Like Periwinkle and Blue Pea plants need 4 hrs mild sunlight. Keep such plants in South, East or West sides of house as sunlight is moderately bright in that area.

Curry leaves, Rose, Marigold plants need 6-7 hrs sunlight. You can keep such plants in North side of house.

While bringing plant from nursery make sure you ask gardener about sunlight requirement.

  • Water

In my childhood, I was new to growing plants. I used to feel that plants are thirsty like us so I used to put excess water every day. Experience teaches us a lot. Later I realized that plants are dying due to over watering.

Always remember:

  • Water plants with Watering Can instead of jar. It spreads the water evenly and avoids soil spilling.
  • Water thoroughly on one day and avoid putting water next day if it’s rainy or winter season.
  • Don’t sprinkle water on leaves, it may invite insects.
  • Repotting

This is bit tough process to follow. I have failed two three times. The difficult part is digging soil and removing plant. If you are bringing new plant from Nursery then it’s easier to tear the plastic around the plant. But while repotting, you need to make sure roots are not damaged after taking out plant from pot. While digging the soil from pot, make sure you dig inch by inch.

Once plant is out of the pot, add essential organic fertilizers and coco peat.

Coco peat helps in Water retention, seed germination. It has antifungal properties which protect your plant from disease and decay.

  • Communication

Do you spend time roaming around in balcony and talking to plants? I am not saying, one should talk loudly to catch others attention. Talking, Gentle touch help plants to grow. They feel your presence. Isn’t it similar to growing pet at home?

Research shows that plants can talk with each other through air circulation.  We release Carbon dioxide, which helps them grow. You can get more information on Day Translations blog.


Does this post helped you in cultivating your plants? Share your thoughts in comment section of the post.





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