How did I overcome Fear of losing?

Hello Dear Readers.

I have not shared a post which purely speaks about me. Reason behind not speaking about myself was anticipation about what people will think, would anyone be interested in getting to know me, why would anyone be reading this post if there is no information or review in post? When I started reading other blogs, I saw how people are open in sharing their Happiness, Flaws or Worries. It helped to control my overthinking. I am thankful to WordPress community to illuminate positive vibes in people and relinquish the unwanted things.

I pursued school education in Native language. English was given importance as a third language. I had a phobia of speaking, writing in English. It was never my favourite subject. On entering college, English was a primary medium to learn subjects. Learning in English was challenging for me. There was no way other than mugging the difficult words of Zoology and Botany. 😀

Difficulties didn’t stop here. On moving to higher studies, I got acquainted with friends who were far better in communicating in English. In many ways I started feeling inferior. I have shared post on how I tackled with inferiority complex.

Upon entering Corporate Company, I started interacting with clients and teammates in English. Independently managed the calls and responded through emails. I gained confidence gradually. Soon I realized that communicating technical things is different than casual talks. It might sound funny but I joined ‘Speak in English” classes. It certainly boosted my interest in language. I am grateful to my mentors for efforts they put in me.

I took Self-Doubting as a challenge. I started talking with my Close people, reading Newspaper, reading Books. Guess what? I am not afraid of facing any one passing from convent school or conveying my feelings to anyone. I feel more comfortable to put my thoughts in English than other language. No offense to love for my native languages.

I am determined to challenge myself every day.

Go for desirable change. Don’t pressurise yourself. Don’t expect sudden outcome. Small steps per day will fortify your goal and command over the goal will relinquish your fear.

Did you face issue in pursuing anything? How you overcome it? Write to me in comments.

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