How to organize Small Space Houses?

I think our shopping list should be proportional to the availability of storage. But it doesn’t go in this way. Did I make you calculate ratio? πŸ™‚
Terribly scattered things in Bedrooms and overburdened chairs is the concern of many small houses. Isn’t it? Bedrooms look messy, even if there are only two members in family. Keeping house tidy and sorted is the most challenging task in compact house.
To add the cherry on top, tiny hands keep most of the cupboards, drawers and rooms occupied with toys, books and kitchen utensils to play around in home. πŸ˜€
I would be suggesting some ideas to make your home look spacious and how to install storage units.
I love to rejuvenate my home by doing small things like
    • Changing positions of furniture
    • Adding beautiful indoor plants
    • Putting showpieces in Living room
    • Hanging Paintings in Bedroom
Here are 5 ideas to maximise the free area in rooms.

1. Fix Hanging Wardrobe/Shelves

In India, average bedroom size is 10 X 10 Ft. On putting Double Bed and Wardrobe leaves no area for more furniture. It’s irritating to pick out regularly used things from cupboards. You can install floating wall mounted shelves to put belongings.
Hanging closets are easy to mount on wall. It can store clothes which we require daily, an Iron and other accessories.

2. Get Rid Of The Waste/Useless Things Often

Before shopping anything ask yourself, is it really required? Where you are going to keep it?
While decluttering things, don’t think of entire home at a time. Instead manage things in chunks. I go by cupboard to cupboard. Things which are close to your heart and are for memory can be kept in shelves or closets you handle less.
Then comes the time to manage kitchen. Any time you check kitchen trolleys, drawers, they are mostly sorted but apart from it everything in kitchen falls short of space.
I categories the things in two types: frequently used and less used. You can shift rarely used things to cabinets.

3. Store rarely used things in Cabinets

Have you anytime shifted from one place to other? I shifted more than two times. Why I am asking is because while shifting you get clear picture of which things are not getting used for long time . Those can be kept in cabinets.
Even if you haven’t shifted anytime, you can observe what is not getting used over the time and move it into cabinet.

4. Think before buying anything

Think before bringing anything
Ask yourself two questions;
  • Is this Microwave/ Vacuum Cleaner / Cooler or anything similar already present in home?
  • Is it really required?
By doing so your decision making will be easier. May be you will save money purchasing similar things.

5. Wooden Chest Drawer and Wardrobe in Living Room

Upon entering in Living Room, guests have first impression of how you keep your house. Generally Living room serves many purposes like Library, Dining and Shoe rack. To fulfill all requirements Wooden Chest Drawers and Wardrobes are useful. They look classy. Your books, belongings can be kept in wardrobe and chest drawer help in keeping small things like first aid kit, bed sheets etc.
Easy Tip: You can look for Vacuum Storage Bags to compress the clothings in wardrobe.
Try these ideas and like & comment below on how you maintain your house. Share this post with other people.

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