Some women conceive easily, some go through medical treatment for long duration. Some are unplanned pregnancies. To all those, this news has surely brought joy.

Congratulations “Mommies to be”. How does it sound to you when I say “Mom to be”?

“A thought to relate yourself as Mother

Family will grow beyond you are to each other”


I hope you feel exactly in a way I have narrated. There are few relations which selflessly care for us. As a mom, I felt such care and pure love. When I got this news, I thanked god and felt content. There is no complaint from my life. I enjoy each day with my family.

I am going to post on various things of Motherhood on regular intervals. These posts will support you mentally, will relax your mind on every phase of motherhood.

The day you get sure about pregnancy, motherhood doesn’t remain as a word. You will embrace good habits and leave toxic things on your own. Some things will make you happy and some will make you feel stuck. But don’t get nervous. Enjoy each day. These days will pass sooner. Your journey as mom is going to start after 9 months. You would not believe that one day someone is going to call you Mommy.

Following are some tips to immune you and baby.

  • Choose the Doctor

It is very important to consult doctor on receiving this news. You will be visiting Doctor periodically. It is also necessary that you are comfortable talking with doctor. He will be treating you for next 9 months and more. So choose the doctor accordingly.

  • Start journaling things that you are enjoying

Maternity is big event that happens into any woman’s life. Time will fly away but you would still have journal to live those days. J Write down your feelings on every phase of pregnancy. Write the major helpful information in journal. It may help to keep baby’s health record. Reading these things later would make you happy.

  • Eat Healthy Food-

Avoid delaying or skipping meals. Eat nutritious food. If you are smoking or consuming alcohol, then please stop that. Add fruits in daily diet. Soaked Almonds, Soaked Black Raisins are beneficial during this period.

  • Sound Sleep-

Taking sufficient naps is crucial. In day time, try not to sleep as it may lead to unnecessary weight gain.

  • Happy You and Happy Surrounding-

Stay calm and happy. It allows your baby to grow in peaceful environment. People around should keep the happy environment. Avoid quarrels and stressful situations, because your actions affect baby’s brain development.

  • Exercise –

Walking is the best exercise throughout maternity. Do not lift heavy things. Do not exert yourself with any workouts. Ask your doctor before starting any exercise.

  • Watch your sleeping positions-

Do you sleep on stomach? If yes, then stop sleeping on stomach. You need to be alert while in sleep to avoid laying on stomach. As this is your first trimester, you can sleep on back or on either side, preferably on left side. From third trimester, you may not be able to sleep on back for long time due to baby’s weight.

  • Stay Hydrated-

Drink plenty of water every day. In first trimester, there is possibility of indigestion, headache. This can be due to less intake of water or fluids. Drink Soup, Butter Milk, Daal, and Kadhi in your meals. Fluids and water help in creating new tissues, producing extra blood, throwing out toxins and wastes.

Stay safe and Healthy.

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