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How to deal with Inferiority Complex?

Inferiority complex is psychological state of mind. It was termed by Australian Doctor Alfred Adler. He stated that inferiority complex is often the outcome of overcompensation towards others. People who have low Self-esteem, Anxiety on receiving remarks mostly suffer. Many people compare their way of living , Education, Intelligence with others. It draws them into isolating from social gatherings. People start underestimating own abilities and they are left into recursive disturbance.

Have you heard the story of Swan? Let me tell you in brief. Once Swan was left in brook by his mom by mistake. He started living with ducks. Ducks used to look at the Swan with hatred. Swan started feeling ugly due to their hatred and groupism. Time flew at the speed of worm turning into butterfly and Swan honed his beauty day by day. His skin peeled off naturally and covered with pure white feathers, long and slick neck and pointed beak over the time. After some days his mom along with Swan’s siblings entered into same brook where there was Swan. Mom and Swan recognized each other. Swan got mesmerised to see how beautiful my mom and siblings are. He realized who is he and what aura he carries. With pride he merged in the Swan family and drew in line of Swans.

We are like the Swan in that brook left in group of ducks. Understand your qualities and work more on it. Don’t be just part of any herd.

  1. Heal your memories

Do you have Childhood memories or any incidences where you feel dominated or suppressed? I can suggest a trick to eliminate those memories out of your mind. Whenever you think of such bad past, start doing your favourite things. Keep yourself busy in hobby.

  1. Don’t nod for things you don’t like

It’s human nature to stay in group of people. Don’t nod for anything which you don’t like just for sake of others. Don’t get along with people who don’t reckon with you. Be more assertive while putting your views. Stay firm on your decisions. Eventually you will build self-esteem.

  1. Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you

The time you feel, you are not fitting with some people, you try to stay away from them. Try to be with people who uplift you, who acknowledge your views, who like to mingle with you.

  1. You are unique

Every person is different in his/her own way. Comparing yourself with your friends or colleagues is root cause of inferiority complex. Don’t hesitate in honing things that might be different than what others are doing.

As Robin Sharma says in his talks and books,

Every person possesses unique quality. Strive to find that quality and work on it.

  1. Let go of any unreasonable expectations.

We often set high expectations and goals, which despair positivity in ourselves. Get to know yourself better and then set the optimum expectations. Unrealistic expectations are not good for mental health.

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