Girl, Are you in Serious Relationship?

Today I could not name the Post in a way I imagined. Title would have been “Signs of Serious Relationship” or “How to avoid somethings while in Relation”. But it didn’t look effective as I wanted to talk with you ‘seriously on very fragile topic. 🙂

Do you know what happens when you are seriously involved in relation? You want to get along with that person most of the time. You tend to consider his opinion. You feel free to fly. Your wings grow wider and stronger than before.

Let’s drop the word “that person” and reframe it as “boyfriend” now. 🙂

When your boyfriend reckon your presence and value your words, he is serious about you. Sweet and serious relationship goal is to be happy together.

You feel happy with him –

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It’s so important that you feel happy around him and in turn he feels happy. Happiness is not measurable in any unit. It is limitless joy when you are together. When your eyes emit brightness, he lights up and when he smiles, your face glitters. Both should be happy together most of the time and not occasionally. Otherwise girl you need to watch the steps you are taking ahead.

Comfortable talking on anything –

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Relationship is like wine, the more you talk, the more your bond will flourish. Newly built relation needs time to blossom. It’s fine not to share personal things initially. We are shy and introvert many times to openly talk on matters. Gradually you will feel that comfort to speak on issues, problems you might be facing. He must be the person who can stand with you shoulder to shoulder. Serious relation doesn’t know insecurities while discussing on vulnerable things.

You argue on some matters –

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I would say, good if both of you argue on some points. You will learn and understand each other as a person. You will be saved from next quarrel on previously argued topic. :-0

Some love experts say, arguments make relation strong enough to cross any hurdle. (Don’t argue too much though.) 🙂

Trust and Confidence over Boyfriend –

1. Dare the thunderstorm hit you, he will not let you sink down and will save you from all calamities.

2. He will always be there to guide you, to support you.

3. He will be there to accept as you are.

4. He knows your family – This is so crucial to make your relation more socially acknowledged. When family accepts and acknowledges the guy, you feel happy and it boosts all the relations attached to you too.

You see him as Mr.Husband –

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When you see this relation will definitely not lead to breakup that must the Mr. Husband 🙂 can be too early to think of husband but you might be seeing the qualities in your dream boy appearing as a future husband.

I hope it adds some value to your relationship. Share your comments on how you are taking your relation ahead? Would you like to read more on such topics?

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