Top 5 Shopping Streets in Pune

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On Pune’s Shopping Streets, you will be getting Variety, Discounts and Quality too. It does not matter if you like branded things or you are minimalist, when you are on Shopping Streets of Pune. People of all ages cling to shopping to buy clothes and accessories on various Streets of Pune.

If you are interested in seeing actual Pune and want to do shopping then go for street shopping. Shopping Malls have its own advantages and streets have their own. Street shopping takes less time and it’s affordable too. 🙂

Twenty years ago borders of Pune were quite short from heart of city compared to today’s Urban Pune. It’s expanding day by day and thus market.

I have listed famous Shopping Streets in Pune. There is uniqueness of every street. One is popular for ethnic wear, other is popular for western clothing. Get ready to stroll on the streets of Pune for Shopping.

  • Fergusson College Road

This road is buzzy due to shops of Women’s accessories and clothing along the both sides of road. You will get to see many shops by pavement which exclusively sell Earrings, Hair Styling things. There are many shops of Shoes and Sandals. Your search for good pair of shoes/sandals will end at FC Road. You will never go empty handed.

Not the less there is Trendy clothing market by the road and at the back of road. There is wide range of variety of Tops, Shirts, Jeans and Skirts. You can get a really smart Handbag in there.

You can bargain at few places. Rest of the shops sell goods at fix rates.

  • Clover Center, Camp

On entering Camp, you get a feel of western atmosphere. It has many shops of western clothing. It is spread on much bigger area. You need to have good budget to spend on any shopping here.

It is famous for

  • Stylish boutiques
  • Specialist Tailors
  • Fashionable outfits
  • Ladies accessories
  • Men’s Clothes
  • Branded shops

Outside Clover Center, you will find discounted, trendy clothes. They have got nice collection of Scarfs, Tops and T-Shirts. You will get beautiful necklaces and bracelets along the street.

  • Tulshibaug

It’s in heart of city. You need to be slow walker here as it’s crowded place in all seasons.

Speciality of Tulshibaug:

  • Brass and Copper Traditional utensils, God monuments
  • Jewellery shops – Imitation jewellery
  • Household items – things which you require in home/kitchen
  • Everything for Babies and Kids

You need to bargain at many places but overall prices are not high.

  • Laxmi Road

It’s famous for Wedding shopping. Not only women love to shop here, but also men take interest in shopping for themselves.

You will get awesome Ethnic wear on Laxmi Road. There are many Saree and Kurtis shops. This area is famous for Jewellery and Tailoring shops. On the other side of road is Bajirao Road. You will get to see many furniture shops there.

  • Hong Kong Lane, FC Road

It’s a narrow lane with shops on both sides. It has huge variety of Designer mobile covers, Men’s Accessories. There are two to three shops of cosmetics. These Cosmetics shops keep all makeup essentials.

On coming out of Hong Kong Lane you can either go for shopping on FC Road or Deccan Gymkhana. You will get many options for Dining too.

Short Tip: You will get antic show pieces in Juna Bazar. Also things which are required for gardening are easily available here.

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