Home Gardening #2:  How to save plants from dying?

After writing post – Agile Days..Then and Now in recent time, I was set to write consistently as the title suggests. But there came a good news from my sister, she is blessed with Baby Girl.  So my entire attention […]

Agile Days

Agile Days..Then and Now

Today while writing a blog, I wanted to keep aside some content on Notepad. Next to Notepad another suggestion popped up on screen. It was Sticky Notes. Suddenly I remembered old days of company life. I used to keep my […]

How to use Instagram Highlights to leverage profile

There are various causes to setup Instagram account. You may be Food Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Celebrity, Businessman and so on. Each of those want to publicize the profile to showcase the work. Instagram is great platform to monetize your work. […]

Inspirational dose to Bloggers – You can be an excellent Blogger!

Nobody likes the word ‘Struggle’. And when it has to do with life, job, business some people get into depths of despair. We are into field of writing blogs, which surely needs lot of work to be successful. As we […]

Hidden Idea

Hi Readers..Nice to connect with you all on this post. You must be thinking what does this title means 🤔 Let me ask you two questions. Do you have anything which you want to achieve? Putting your efforts towards it […]