10 Self-Care Tips to add to your routine

Guest Post Hi my names Olivia from I am a lifestyle blogger that talks about self-confidence, mental health, well-being and so much more. I’m so happy to be doing this collaboration with Chaitrali on such an important topic. Self-care […]

Home Gardening

Home Gardening #1 – My Experience

Around my home, there is a trail of trees and unmanned plots covered with grass. In all seasons, those trees are blossomed either with flowers or beans. In the second week of June, when rain drops drizzled upon dry and […]


Daydreaming can lead you to become Protagonist of Life

Do you find your wishes, ambitions and passion are just unrealistic? Someone may be willing to become Sports Champion, other may want to be a great Chef, someone might want to stay in Dreamy Land. As the day starts , […]

Ways to keep well being.

Hello to my readers. 🙂 I intrigued by the situation around and number of lives at risks, so thought of sharing with you somethings for your well being. We all need to battle against this virus by taking our own […]

Mind game – To be or not to be??

“Should I take this opportunity or not?”, “What if I talk to her and she is not fine with it?”, “Am I in wish list of my friends? ” such so many thoughts keep on accumulating whole day. Though office […]

Home.. Sweeeet Home 🏡

Entire world is fighting against Covid19. Staying home or being quarantined is the only way we can control the spread of virus. Today in India, we are following ‘Janata Curfew’, which people are following very seriously as responsible citizens of […]