And She Mumbled

Ritu was very curious to take the pregnancy test this time , test was negative as always . Rahul was despaired by seeing Ritu’s pale face. They were consulting Doctors since 7 years but every time they got disheartened. They […]

You are my world!

You are kinda introvert, I talk a lot 😁I am deep thinker, you simplify any situation I express my love to you, you cuddle me in arms & melt my heart Now I worry about you every day                                                                                               I feel […]

Valentine’s Day💕

I wait to express my love ❤️ Eyes speak to youYou stare at me We go back in Past to first DateThat beautiful girl, that handsome boy Time flew upHearts are still young as before 💕Hold my hand foreverYou are […]

Prince and Horse

Panchatantra, Akbar Birbal, Mythological stories are pillars to nurture a child. Those stories teach us lessons of life. I enjoyed reading those books. Yesterday one story formed in my head and here is my attempt to narrate it for kids. […]