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Patch up the Hearts!

It’s very easy to console somebody who is dealing with Breakup but hard for a person who is going through it.  Each event in our life teaches us some lesson. Breakup is not the end of Life. To cope up […]

Khoya Roti

Mawa Roti Recipe

I am sharing one sweet cuisine today. It is called as Khava Poli in Maharashtra. It’s healthy and easy to cook food. This is perfect meal option for Kids. Some kids complain about drinking milk but they will surely love […]

6 Real Stay-at-Home Jobs for Moms

I can relate to how a mother undergoes postpartum depression. We choose to be at home to give quality time for family and nurture a baby. Managing home and caring baby is like 24 x 7 working mom, but certainly […]


Daydreaming can lead you to become Protagonist of Life

Do you find your wishes, ambitions and passion are just unrealistic? Someone may be willing to become Sports Champion, other may want to be a great Chef, someone might want to stay in Dreamy Land. As the day starts , […]

Goa is the Paradise of South Asia.

Beaches and Goa is the great equation. Whoever visits Goa, falls into love with Goa and wishes to come back again. I have been there lot of times. I prefer to halt near different beach everytime. North Goa is like […]

Tour to Shimla

Shimla comes in northern part of India. It’s scenic due to hills embracing variety of trees and view of Himalayan Mountains. I recommend you to visit Chandigarh first. It has Rock garden, Museums and Rose garden which is worth seeing. […]