10 Self-Care Tips to add to your routine

Guest Post Hi my names Olivia from I am a lifestyle blogger that talks about self-confidence, mental health, well-being and so much more. I’m so happy to be doing this collaboration with Chaitrali on such an important topic. Self-care […]

How to use Instagram Highlights to leverage profile

There are various causes to setup Instagram account. You may be Food Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Celebrity, Businessman and so on. Each of those want to publicize the profile to showcase the work. Instagram is great platform to monetize your work. […]

Mommys , spare some metime!

There are n number of things, I as mother want to and have to do. My first thought when my kid sleeps is to do what I like and then think about remaining work which I have to do. Who […]

Make your weekends cheerful

Weekend Todo list is mostly filled with Household activities and Outings. Time flies away in thinking about doing favourite things and Sunday evening also disperses. I know it’s hard to get own time but once we throw away the baggages […]